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Shelter for Women and Children

Service Contents

24-hour Woman Hotline Services

Provide risk assessment, emotional support, referrals and arrange admission to the shelter for abused women

Free Short-Term Refuge Service

The standard stay is usually 2 weeks but, under special circumstances, an extension to a maximum of 3 months may be granted

Project Details


  1. Abused women and their children (girls of all ages and boys who are under 12; discretion may be granted for boys between 12 to 14 upon request)
  2. Girls between 13-17 (parents' consent and referral from social worker are required)
  3. Hong Kong permanent residents or those who have the legal right to stay in Hong Kong

*including ethnic minorities, LGBT, people with different religions and backgrounds

Service Objectives

  1. Provide a safe emergency refuge for abused women and their children
  2. Offer 24-hour immediate support and referral services to families and intimate partners affected by domestic violence

    Application for Admission

  • Self-referral through our 24-hour Women Hotline (Tel: 2522 0434)
  • Referral by social workers or other professionals


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