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Belief, Vision, Mission and Goals

  • We believe that all human beings have the right to live with dignity and respect and to be free from violence, abuse and coercion. Human rights should be preserved in our homes as well as our society.
  • Equality and mutual recpect are the fundamental principles for a heatlthy and harmonious family.
  • We are strongly against the use of violence as a means of control.
  • We are dedicated in helping victims of violence to assurme dignity over their own lives.
  • A harmonious and stable community built on sound family values of harmony, care, mutual respect and responsibility.
  • A community for "Zero Tolerance to Domestic Violence".
  • A community that can protect the abused and provide an environment that nurtures emotionally strong individuals who can contribute to the society.
  • To promote harmony and healthy relationships in families.
  • To contact and reach out to families in need through counseling and crisis intervention.
  • To change attitudes, impart knowledge and skills through community education.
  • To protect and empower women and children who are victims of domestic violence.
  • To counsel and give guidance to batterers in order to stop the cycle of violence.
  • To provide education to the community at large as well as specific target groups in order to promote family harmony.