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Over 50% of the Interviewed Students Witnessed Domestic Violence, The 'Harmony Lane' Center...


Press Release


Over 50% of the Interviewed Students Witnessed Domestic Violence

The ‘Harmony Lane’ Center offers assistance to these children


The Impact on Children Witnessing Domestic Violence Should Not be Overlooked

Harmony House had conducted a survey of 2,534 primary 1 to primary 4 students from June 2010 to May 2011 by questionnaire. The results showed that 52.7% of the students (1,101 interviewees) had heard or witnessed quarrels between parents; 22.8% of the students (496 interviewees) had heard or seen parents fighting; worse still, 32.9% of the students (751 interviewees) felt hurt or harmed because of arguments or fights between parents, and 48.5% of the students (1,078 interviewees) were sometimes or frequently scolded or beaten by parents. The number of children witnessing domestic violence is alarming.


Although these children may not be directly targeted, yet being a witness to domestic violence may have adversely affected their psychological and emotional development. Therefore early intervention to prevent long-term harmful effects is important.


Cross-sectoral Collaboration: the ‘Harmony Lane’ Center at Shek Lei Estate

With the generous sponsorship from The Hongkong Bank Foundation and a matching fund from the Social Welfare Department Partnership Fund for the Disadvantaged, Harmony House has developed the ‘Harmony Lane’ Center at Shek Lei Estate, which provides specialized services for children and families affected by domestic violence., This project is a case of successful cross-sectoral collaboration between the business corporation, government and social service organization, which aims at bringing a greater harmony for the community.


The opening ceremony of ‘Harmony Lane’ Center is scheduled for 11th June. At 11.00 a.m. Ms. Teresa Au, Head of Corporate Sustainability, Asia Pacific Region, HSBC, Mr. Patrick NIP Tak Kuen, Director of Social Welfare, and other distinguished guests will inaugurate the new center.


‘Harmony Lane’ Center Provides Innovative Services for Children Witnessing Domestic Violence.

The name of the centre, ‘Harmony Lane’ signifies a pathway to harmony for family. There are a variety of services offered at the Centre. They include ‘Harmony Express’ Emotion Education Mobile Service to primary students in schools, screening, ‘Harmony Pioneers’ training group, children’s therapeutic group, parents’ education group, as well as professional training etc. The goal is to provide early identification and timely intervention for the targeted children.


For any enquires or further information, please contact Harmony House Executive Director Ms. Queenie Tao at 2342-0072.


Attachment: Figures of Harmony House Students’ Survey

(From 6/2010 to 5/2011)

Participants (From 6/2010 to 5/2011)

I Have Witnessed Quarrels between Parents

I Have Witnessed Parents' Brawling

I Felt Hurt Because of Parents' Quarrels or Fights

My Parents Beat Me or Scold Me